Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

Since coming back to Ireland I have done two Parish missions one in Enniscroan and one in Waterford city. At Enniscroan the Church was packed every night and It was incredble to see the peace in the people at the end of the week.

During that week I had the joy to meet up with my old friend Fr Bernard Murphy, the head of the Franciscan friars of the renewal. He came into a school with me in Moyne, Co Longford. He said it was so important to see me witness to God's love without fear and with real conviction because that shows the young people that it is real, and that also when we follow God he sets us free to be ourselves and not to worry about what others think of us. After that talk I received many emails from the pupils telling how God had touched them and asking how to come closer to him.

The next weekend I did a talk in Wexford and a man came who had read my book and wanted to have a chat with me. He hadn't been going to Church for many years but someone had given him my book and it had opened him up to faith he had been taught as a child. He ended up coming to the Waterford mission and he went to confession for the first time in over twenty years. It was obvious that God had touched him in a deep way and I think he will do great things for the Lord in the future.

A woman came up to me at the mission and asked me to pray for a 4 month old Baby who has Down Syndrome but who was seriously ill with an infection and in danger of dying. I think these children are like angels who God has sent to bring his love and joy to the world, they are so full of God. A few days later she told one of my friends that the child was back to full health and that she thanked and praised God for it. The most beautiful part of it was that the mother, who had found it a bit difficult to accept the child at first thinking it would be a burden on her, had realised through the illness what a precious gift this child is to her.

At the moment I am in England doing a tour of schools, so please keep me and the children in your prayers. Next I will be travelling to Los Angeles and then on to New Zealand to speak at a big youth conference in Auckland.I will then share my story to thousands of teenagers in Schools in both Auckland and Christchurch. What a joy it is to serve God, I never thought I'd see so much of the world let alone doing something Which I love so much, telling others about the God who loves them!

You are all in my prayers
God bless you in his deep love.
John Pridmore

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