Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello everyone,
I hope you are well and at peace.

I have arrived in New Zealand and have spoken to 4000 young people over the last week in various locations around Auckland. I received an email from a man who came to one of my talks, he told me he had been a bouncer and had been leading a wild life but after hearing my story he has decided to change his life and is now planning to go to bible school for a couple of years.

When you do a talk you never know the effect that it may have, so it is always encouraging to hear that God has been working. Since coming to New Zealand I have heard from several people who have told me of what has happened to them since my trip here last August. One young man who heard me speak at world youth day said he was heading down the wrong path in life but now he has let God into his life and it has transformed him.

One teacher told me that a group of young men whom I spoke with had been deeply impacted by Gods grace and are going from strength to strength. Also a prayer group that I visited has started many new ways of reaching out and serving God including a pro-life group to fight against the evil of abortion, the leader of the group told me these were all fruits of my talk.

The most important thing is to do whatever God leads us to, because that will always be what brings about the most grace. I had been feeling for some time that God might be asking me to spend more time travelling to different locations to do talks. One day someone was praying with me and they got the picture of a globe with various fires (representing God's love) been lit all over the world. I knew that God was confirming this new calling! within a matter of days I received invitations to come and speak in the Carribean, New York and other places in the USA. Add to this the trips I already had planned to New Zealand and Australia and you can see that the Lord sometimes works quickly when he wants something.

I must say I am really enjoying the incredible adventure of following him to the ends of the Earth. This week I will be talking in schools in Christchurch and flying to Wellington to speak on television and also in a school.

On the way back from New Zealand I will visit Los Angeles to visit a friend of mine, Paul Kelmenson a Hollywood producer who would like to turn my book into a film, so please keep that in your prayers.

The most important thing is that no matter where someone lives or what they may have done in their lives, God wants the fire of his love to burn in their hearts and to show them how important they are in his plans. All of us can make an immense difference if we say yes to him!

You are very much in much heart and prayers,
God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

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