Thursday, September 25, 2008


I hope you and your families are well and at peace.

Since coming back from speaking at a Marian Conference in Arizona, in the United States, I have led two week long missions in Ireland. The first one was in Kilcloon, Co. Meath, and the second was in the Cathedral in Cavan Town, Co. Cavan.

Throughout the mission in Kilcloon, I was giving my testimony in secondary schools during the day, before the evening sessions which began at 8:00 in St. Oliver Plunkett’s Church. On the Tuesday morning of the mission I was invited in to speak to about 200 students in a school in Kilcock. After speaking to the principal for a few minutes and encouraging him to put in as many students as possible, he began to organize for me to speak to the entire school in the gymnasium for a hour. Because of his openness to the Holy Spirit, I was able to speak to the whole school which numbered over 750 young people and share with them the hope and love that Jesus offers them in their lives.
I went on to tell them how it was through the sacrifice of their ancestors, and the blood they had spilled during the penal times that there is a Catholic faith in Ireland. And how not so long ago that their own family members in previous generations made incredible sacrifices, even to the point of risking their lives, to even be able to go to mass and receive Jesus. I reminded them that if they wanted to find out the answers in regards to their faith, they would have to be willing to ask the questions. Finally, I encouraged them to pray everyday, because it is only through prayer that we can come to know Jesus and recognise His voice in our hearts.

On the Tuesday night of the mission, I gave a talk on the gift of God’s Mercy. It was through the grace of making an honest and open confession that I came to experience the great gift of God’s forgiveness in my life, more than 17 years ago. It is always a privilege to have the opportunity to try and lead others to that same gift that I received. After sharing about my own experience in confession, and why it is so important for us to make a new start with God in this sacrament, more than 10 priests took their places around the church to hear the confessions of the more than 600 parishioners who came. It was beautiful to witness people coming back to Jesus as the prodigal son came back to the Father, (Luke Ch. 14 Verse 11) and seeing first-hand the love and forgiveness of God who has always been waiting to embrace his children and shower them with his love.

Later in the week I returned to speak in the secondary school in Maynooth, speaking to the fifth and sixth year classes.
I talked to them about how each of us have a part of our heart that can only be filled and made complete by the love of Jesus, and that in my own life I looked everywhere but Jesus to find something things to fill it. No matter how much money I made as a gangster, how many drugs I took, or how much power I got, I never found satisfaction or fulfilment in my life. There was always emptiness, and if we don’t look to Jesus to fill that void in our hearts, we will never know the joy of what it is to really live and love. At the end of the talk one young lady came up to me and thanked me for what I had said, and went on to say how much she really needed to hear that. I know that if the whole talk was just for her to come to understand that love of God for her, it was all worth it.

The following week, I led the mission that was held in the Cathedral in Cavan town. When I gave my testimony on the Monday night, the church was full up with more than 1,500 people in attendance. Even at the 7 am mass in the morning there was over 250 people who came to support the mission. On the Tuesday night there were 26 priests who heard confessions, for more than two hours. I saw many leaving that sacrament with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces, as they left their burdens and pain with the Lord, and received the grace of His complete forgiveness for them.

On the Wednesday morning I went to St. Patrick’s College and spoke to the 500 students there, sharing my story and encouraging them to come along to the evening session in the Cathedral. More than 100 students come along to experience the Eucharistic healing service held that night.

The next day after the 10 a.m. mass as people were leaving the church one woman came up to me and shared how much she was enjoying the mission. As she continued to speak, tears formed in her eyes, and she thanked me for what she had received during the week. I could see that she had been touched by God, and from her response of shedding tears, I knew a miracle had happened in her heart.

On the Friday, which was the final night of the mission, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, I went before Jesus in the tabernacle to pray before my talk. As soon as I knelt down, I felt the incredible love of God for me, and I began to cry, as I felt overwhelmed by His love and care. I said to Jesus that I would not be able to speak if he kept filling my heart with his love because it was too much to take. I saw in a new way from that experience that no matter how many years we spend trying to get to know God’s love for us, we will never come to a full understanding of it until we are united with Him in heaven. That is the joy we can carry in our hearts in this life, that when we do meet Him, that love which we can never completely know on earth is ours for eternity. Coming to know the love of God for us, is the most important thing we will ever need to learn in our lives. When we open our hearts to Him, He takes away all fear and anxiety and grants us His peace, and if we listen carefully we can hear His voice, ‘My beautiful child, in whom I am well pleased.’

I will be in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, in the Church of the Assumption from Monday September 29th to October 3rd giving my testimony and talks in the evening at 7:30, and at the morning masses at 7a.m. and 10 a.m. It would be great to see you if you there if you can make it.

I remember you all in my prayers and I thank you for yours.

May God Bless you in His deep love


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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hello everyone, I hope you are well and at peace.

The last few weeks of the summer have been spent traveling home from Australia via New Zealand and the United States. It was a great joy for me to go into a school in Auckland to speak to the young people about Gods love for them. At that school there was a brilliant teacher who seemed to really love the students. He invited me to come and speak to some of the older lads from the school who met together on a Friday evening. Whilst speaking to them I felt very moved by the Holy Spirit because each one of them was so important to him and that these were young men who would stand up and witness to their faith in a powerful way in their lives. I noticed that many of them had tears in their eyes and that they felt the same passion to do Gods work I as did.

Often we hear about the darkness in our world but with young people like these and lots of others that I’ve met, we need not fear the future but look forward with hope to whatever God is preparing.

Many months previous to even having planned to visit New Zealand, God had given me a friendship with a Carmelite nun from Christchurch who had read my book. She said it would be great if I could come and speak to young people in New Zealand. It seemed a very unlikely prospect at that time, but you can never underestimate what God will do once these sisters start to pray for something.

The moment I stepped off the plane I felt Gods peace and I knew that I was right where he wanted me to be. All the talks were really blessed and the entire week we were there it seemed the Lord was guiding everything we did.

We decided to head North to the Bay of Islands for the weekend, on the journey it began to rain heavily and I saw a girl hitchhiking and stopped to pick her up, sure enough she was heading to the exact same destination as us. She asked me what
I did, so I told her my story and how Gods love had transformed my life. I mentioned about how one of the turning points in my life had come when I felt the Holy Spirit for first time. She explained that she had been raised in communist East Germany and she seemed to be searching for answers in her life. After a few minutes she asked
a beautiful question “Tell me more about this Holy Spirit?” We had a great chat and she really understood the need for the forgiveness and healing of Jesus in our lives. She was so open to God and I know he will guide her to a deep knowledge of him. There were so many incidents like this that I could write a book for them alone
and I thank God for the prayers of the Carmelites and all those who pray for me.

The next stop was Los Angeles where I met a friend who is a film producer. An incredible Man of faith who wants to try and make as many films with a Christian message as possible. He showed us round the city and took us to places where tourists
would seldom see. Wherever I went I carried Miraculous medals with me and I gave these to the people we met. One old woman in a shop gave me a massive hug when she received a medal and another woman was moved to tears when I gave her a medal for her child. Our Lady said in one of her apparitions “If you knew how much I love
you, you would weep for joy”.

We drove across the desert into the wild west, from Los Angeles to Phoenix and I received a totally unexpected grace. I was aware of the prayers and presence of my Dad who had died a few years previously. He had always been a massive Western fan (John Wayne was his and my favourite) I felt he was with me and that he was proud of me. I was so thankful to God and it filled my heart with joy.

When we arrived in Phoenix a lovely Lady called Ann had arranged for us to visit the grand canyon, it was a truly awesome experience. Only God could create something so beautiful. I'm always amazed at the places God takes us when we say yes to him in our lives. I can honestly say I have never been so fulfilled. Somebody once said that the word faith could stand for a "Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him".

The last appointment of my summer travels was for a big conference in Phoenix, but I also had the grace to be able to speak to two large groups of students at a local high school. Sometimes I don't get the chance to speak to all the people I would like to at the talks because there are often time constraints, but I thank God for the gift of the email contact I have with people, many of whom share deeply their struggles and also joys.

please know that you and those you love are in my heart and prayers.
God bless you
John Pridmore.