Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hello Everyone

When we look at our world today there seems
many people both young and old who are
completely taken over by the culture of
death, the lies and deceits of the world and
what it offers. Over the last few weeks I
have spoken in many schools in England,
Wales and Scotland, hopefully giving the
young people the truth of Christ.

One priest said to me after one of my talks
in a school "The devil is outragous with
his lies and you destroy his lies with God's
truth" I am always amazed at some of the
incredible teachers who I meet in these
schools that are constantly battling against
the wave of unbelief and bringing many
wonderful seeds to these young people,
with sometimes very little support or

I always feel it is an immense privilege
to be able to share the incredible goodness
and mercy of God through my own story
and to let each young person know of
how important they are to God and this
world, the gifts and talents they can bring
and the miracles they can work when they
open their hearts to what Jesus is calling
them to be. In response to the thousands
of young people I have spoken to over
the last few weeks I received hundreds
of emails which show not only an
openness but a hunger for Christ's truth.

We should never belittle our belief and
hope in the miracles that God can work
through us, but we must have the courage
to say Enough! of this tidal wave of
darkness and know where this tidal wave
comes from. It is not individuals or
organisations but a diabolical plan to take
away peoples innocence and leave them
bereft of the spirit of joy, happiness and
peace which God wants everyone of us
to have as our right in being his children,
loved and begotten by him.

I feel the key to us combatting the
culture of death is to have humility to
say sorry to God when we fall down in
confession and to speak him in honesty
from our heart every moment of every
day, to allow him to run our lives fully
and completely, not holding anything
back. We should not withold anything from
God because he witholds nothing from us,
even laying down his life.

In my own journey the greatest freedom and
peace I have come across is knowing that
there is no part of me that I have to keep
secret from God. The good, the bad and
the indifferent is already known to my
friend Jesus who knows and accepts every
part of me. When Jesus is for us who can
be against us. I pray that each one of us
has the courage to proclaim Enough!
and destroy all the strongholds of a
world consumed by hopelessness.

At one of the schools I went in, there was
a young man of 15 being told off by two
teachers. After my talk I felt inspired by
the Holy Spirit to give him a copy of my
life story and I said to him "Never give
up on yourself as Jesus will never give up
on you" and he burst into tears. Part of
the devils lie is that we have to be good
to know God, but the truth says the exact
opposite, it's in our weakness that his
power is made perfect. I thank God every
day for being so weak.

At the moment I am giving parish missions
in Manchester, Greenock and Glasgow
before giving talks in Spain and Ireland so
your prayers are as always very appreciated.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore