Sunday, December 26, 2010



Hello Everyone

I hope you have had a blessed Christmas and the
new year will be a time of grace and peace.

I arrived back in Ireland at the beginning of
December after being travelling for nearly three
months. It was a great feeling to sleep in my
own bed again. I had the privilege to speak in
Blackrock College in Dublin to 400 boys, Myles
the teacher who invited in to speak told me that
afterwards the lads were very open to what was
said to them. One of the students was called
Pearce I had met at the World youth day in Sydney
and it was good to see how he was growing in his

The first Parish mission I did on returning to
Ireland was in Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim. The snow
came down very heavily and then temperatures
plummeted to well below zero. the roads were
hazardous to say the least. The amazing thing
was the people still turned up to pack the church.
This was a great witness to me of the faith of
people in Ireland and their love for God. The
parish priest Fr Peter is a great man, full of
charity and wisdom and he taught me so much in
the time I spent with him.

The next mission was near Belfast and the thing
that stood out to me there was a conversation I
had with one of the priests. No matter what he
did it always seemed that someone wasn't happy
with the way things were done. I just encouraged
him that it was my experience that we are not
called to be popular but to serve God and to do
his will. That is where all the grace is and also
where true freedom is. Frank Duff who founded the
Legion of Mary only had one question when he was
discerning something and that was "Does God want
this" and if he felt it was God's will, he would
go ahead with it knowing that the Lord would
provide for his every need. Later that day the
Priest thanked me and told me it was just what he
needed to hear.

I remember hearing Pope John Paul II saying "Now
is the time to go out into the highways and the
byways and to proclaim the Gospel from the rooftops"
and telling us not to be afraid to proclaim the
truth in love. Time and again I see that it is the
truth that has a profound effect on people and
especially the young, even though it won't always
make us popular. I remember visiting the Holocaust
memorial in Jerusalem and being deeply affected by
what I saw, and wondering how could this have been
allowed to happen? and as you are leaving the building
there is a plaque on the wall with the words written
on it "All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few
good men to remain silent".

After returning to the house from Belfast I had
nothing in particular planned but then three things
just fell into place in the way that only God can
do it. I spoke to all the students in two local
schools. The teachers brought them over to their
churches and I spoke to all the young people at
once. Both groups were about 400. I thought it
showed an incredible openness on behalf of the
teachers to go to all that effort to make it happen.
Then in one of the evenings a meeting was arranged
for a project that I'm involved with called Salve
Regina Oige. We are in the process of building a
retreat house in Medugorje to bring teenagers in
groups of up to 60, to give them an experience of
God's love and peace in a safe and secure
environment. I love it when events fall into place
like that because it shows that God is well and truly
in charge if we keep seeking his guidance.

You are very much in my heart and prayers, please
pray for me as I am speaking to seven thousand kids
in schools across England in the new year.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Monday, November 22, 2010



Hello everyone

I hope you are well and at peace

After spending a few weeks doing talks in different parts
of Australia I travelled back to London and I had the
privilege to go and do a talk to some of the prisoners
in Wandsworth prison. It was a voluntary talk so only
those who wanted to come were present, it was a blessing
to see that 200 men turned up. It was very moving for me
to be able to speak to them because I know what it is like
to be in their situation. As I was speaking I could see some
of them were crying and I hope and pray that it gives them hope
for their own lives. When I was in prison one of the main
ways God spoke to me was through books and at the end of
my talk all of them came to me and got a copy of my book.
The priest Fr Sylvester told me that 5 or 6 of men requested
the chance to go to confession.

Next I travelled to Wales to lead a parish mission in Caerphilly.
As part of this I spoke in the secondary schools. A young lad
took one of my business cards home with him and showed it to his
dad and told him about my life. His dad had been brought up a
Catholic but had drifted away from his faith, but he had started
searching for God in his life. So he ordered one of my books on
the Internet and when he received it he read it in less than a day.
Then he emailed me and asked me what else could he do to come closer
to God, I told him to go to confession and not to be afraid to be
totally honest and also not to be afraid of what the priest might
think because he would just be delighted to see him returning to
God. At this he journeyed down to the next mission we were running
in Porthcawl and he attended a healing service. During this he went
to confession for the first time in 23 years. As he left confession
Breda (our musician) began to sing amazing grace and he said he
didn't just sing the words he really heard them in his heart and he
said from then on he was coming back to mass.

It is amazing to see that after the talks how many young people
contact me on facebook to share their struggles and to ask questions.
After one school in Manchester more 60 students made contact.
It shows me just how powerful a tool for good that facebook can
possibly be.

This week I have been running a Parish mission in Moss Side in
Manchester. The Priest here is Fr Pat Deegan, he is originally
from Dublin but has lived in England for a long time now. We
had a healing service on the Tuesday night and while I was
praying before the talk I felt God asking me to speak about
forgiveness. One of the hardest people for me to forgive in my
life was myself. I shared the story of a friend of mine called
Jimmy, and when he was a young man he was put in prison for a
violent crime and he said as the judge sentenced him he laughed
out loud in front of the whole courtroom to keep up his image of
a hardman. But that night as they locked him in his cell he cried
himself to sleep. The years passed and Jimmy was in and out of
prison and fell deeper and deeper into the world of drugs and
violence. A number of things happened to Jimmy including nearly
dying from a drugs overdose and he knew God was asking him to
change his life. One day he came to hear me speak at Our Lady's
shrine of Knock in Ireland and he ended up going to confession.
He came back to his faith and changed the way he was living
completely. The only problem was that he couldn't forgive himself
for his past, he had a son called Shane who was 8 years old and
he couldn't let the boy close to him because he felt so unworthy
to be able to love him, so he just used to give him money. But
of course the boy was in need of affection. One day Jimmy went on
pilgrimage to Medjugorje (where it is claimed that Our Lady has
been appearing since 1981). He was praying the Rosary at the grave
of a very Holy priest called Fr Slavko (who was the first priest
I ever went to confession to) and while he was praying Our Lady
appeared to him and he said she looked at him with such a tender
love that it melted his heart, then she said "Jimmy, why can you
not forgive yourself? my son died on the cross for you 2000 years
ago, Forgive yourself!" at this he began to cry and the floodgates
of God's love and healing were opened in his heart. When he came
home from there for the first time in his life he was able to hold
his son Shane and tell him that he loved him. you should see the
two of them together now, I have seldom seen a Father and so who
are so close.

After the healing service many people shared with me how much
this had helped them to let go of things from their past. I am
convinced that God doesn't want us stuck in the past, once we
have confessed our sins we should let them go forever, they no
longer exist in Gods eyes and he wants us to have the joy
of innocence once again.

I am heading back to Ireland now, I have been on the road for
nearly 3 months and it will be a great blessing to get back to
my own bed for once. Please keep me in your prayers as I have
quite a few talks and Parish missions before Christmas.

You are very much in my heart and prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore.

Monday, October 25, 2010



Hello everyone

I hope you are well and at peace

I am nearing the end of a very blessed time in Australia.
I have spoken in many different schools in Sydney, Brisbane,
Tasmania and Melbourne. One incident which particularly
touched me was at a school in Sydney where after the talk two
fifteen year old boys approached me seperately. They had both
had parents who had divorced and when they were listening to
my story and heard that I had been through similar pain to
to their own, God had really spoken to their hearts not to
give up on life or to stop loving.

Another thing that sometimes surprises me is that no matter what
age children are God can come to them and show them his love.
I spoke in a primary school (which is a little unusual for
me because I normally speak to the older kids) and one of the
young children began to cry during my talk, at first the teachers
were concerned that something was wrong with him, but it turned
out he experienced God's love for him in a deep way and they
were tears of joy

I spoke at a mens conference at a retreat centre overlooking a
beautiful beach in Sydney. One man told me that he hadn't been
to confession for many years and during the conference he approached
a priest and went to confession and got rid of all the burdens he
was carrying in his heart. He shared with me that it was only
when he came out of confession that he noticed the beauty of his
surroundings and the view took his breath away. He knew that God
was showing him that after confession we truly start again and
are renewed in his grace and restored to childlike innocence.
It reminded me of the first confession I had made when I was twenty
seven years old after which I could hear the birds singing and feel
the wind on my face and everything seemed different because I was
reunited with God.

One of the things that I have felt that God has been showing me is
to really love the Church, because it is Christs Church even though
it is made up of human beings who are not perfect, it is still
Gods gift to us to show us the sure way to follow him in this life.
I had the privilege of taking part in some events with ecumenical
communities here in Australia and it is surely the desire of Christs
heart that all christians would be one. But I feel that it is very
important that we not lose our Catholic identity and not be afraid
to witness to the power of the Sacraments and Our Lady's intercession
in our lives.

Over the last few weeks I have been travelling a lot and constantly
giving talks and it can get a bit tiring. One night I was thinking about
this and I remembered there was a Christian musician from America
called Rich Mullins and he was someone who gave of himself tirelessly
to serve God, and he once said "unless we are falling into bed exhausted
each night trying to bring souls to God what right do we have to call
ourselves Christians" and it just reminded me that even in the difficulties
it is an incredble blessing to be able work for the Lord.

Just to let you know that you are in my heart and in my prayers, please
keep me in yours.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Friday, September 24, 2010



Hello everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

After the summer the Parish missions began again and I
spoke in Durrow, Co Laois then two more missions in
Ballyduff and Causeway in Co. Kerry. The Parish priest
there said that many people came back to confession after
years away including one man who hadn't been for forty five
years. The missions are such an opportunity for people who
have drifted away for whatever reason to make a new start
with the Lord and it is beautiful to see the joy on their faces
by the end of the week.

Next I travelled to Hong Kong where I spoke in a school and
a prison. The priest who took me to the prison was an amazing
man. He had already been kicked out of China unjustly for
helping the poor and he lives very very simply like the poor
whom he ministers to. His main work is on the streets with
drug addicts and prostitutes and it was a real blessing for
me personally to go onto the streets to pray over the drug
addicts with him. One of the people he works with is Jackie
Pullinger who wrote the book Chasing the Dragon. In the prison
itself I did a talk to a group of men including triads
(Chineses gangters) and as I was speaking one of the men broke
down crying in front of me.

One of the things this Priest is doing is bringing Chinese bibles
into the prison, many of these men will never have seen a bible
in their lives and I know from personal experience that when
you are locked up you are often looking for something to read.
The Priest and all the families I met during my stay were an
incredible witness to me of faith and love in action and were
an inspiration to me that I will never forget.

After this I travelled on to Sydney. Within two hours of landing
I was speaking to students at a Sydney university. As I shared
the story of a friend of mine called Lily who when she was 7 years
old was abused for two years by a friend outside her family.
There was a part of her who really hated this man and by the time
she was 16 years old she was very promiscuous, drinking too much
and taking drugs. When Lily did come to know God’s forgiveness
and love and started living her life for God I noticed that there
was a real sadness in her at times and I asked her one day where
she thought the root of this sadness was. She prayed about it for
about a month and when she got back to me she told me that there
was a time just before her sixteenth birthday that she went to
a hall with ten boys from her school and let them do anything
they wanted to her and it was a few days after that she tried to
take her own life. I prayed with her and told her to go back into
that situation and in her heart invite Jesus in to it. As I prayed
with her she broke down crying for a long time and when she composed
herself she told me that Jesus came in amongst all that shame and
wrapped a white cloth around her and kept repeating ‘My innocent
little seven year old girl’. At this One of the students I was speaking
to began weeping and I felt she was receiving a deep healing in her own

After this I moved on to Brisbane and spoke at another university. I
thank God to be able to do this work and ask for your prayers because I
will be speaking at many schools and parishes in different parts of
Australia. One of events that I will be speaking at is the 'Share The
Holy Spirit' conference in Sydney. This will take place from Friday
October 1st to Tuesday October 5th at the Sevants of Jesus centre,
15 Park Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. To find out more about this
conference check out this website

Finally just to say you are very much in my heart and prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Monday, August 16, 2010



She scratched beneath the surface to find the miraculous spring of water at Lourdes.

Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

The last few weeks have been really blessed, I went
to do a talk in Wheatfield prison in Dublin. The men
that I spoke to were very open and most of them took
a copy of my book. They had some really good questions
and I could see that they were searching. It was
heartwarming to hear from some of them that they were
praying everyday and trying to use their time in prison

One man that was in the prison was a nephew of a friend
of mine, I had met him a few years previously and he had
been badly injured by some other men and he was looking
for a way out of the lifestyle he was caught up in. At
the time I encouraged him to go to the shrine of knock
and make a good confession and start afresh with God. He
told me he had done this and after the confession he had
wept because he felt God's compassion and mercy for him.
He told me it completely changed him and he hadn't been in
trouble since. He was in prison for an offense he had
already been charged with before we met. I could see the
light in him and the hope he had for the future.

Following this I travelled over to Bournemouth to speak at
a dinner given by The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship.
It was a lovely evening with about 60 people present from
all different Christian denominations, it was great to chat
with them afterwards and to hear the way God has been working
in their lives also.

After that I had the opportunity for a few days retreat in
Devon where I really felt God calling me to go deeper with him.
A bit like when St Bernadette was told by Our Lady to drink
from the spring at Lourdes. At first there was just a muddy
patch on the ground and when she began to scratch beneath
the surface people thought she was mad, but she didn't give
up and in the following days water started to flow from the
mud where Bernadette had been digging. From this water
flowed a spring in which people started to have miraculous
healing experiences, and this remains one of the great
attractions of Lourdes to this day. In the same way I felt
I had to scratch beneath the surface and spend some time
listening to what God was trying to say to me. After this
I felt refreshed and renewed for whatever the Lord has in
store for the coming months.

From there I travelled to Our Lady's shrine of Walsingham
where I did a few talks at the youth camp and also did a
workshop on my experience of the healing of the wounded
child within. This is a process that had happened to me
over the course of several years where God was healing the
wounds from my childhood and setting me free to be able
to love. I remember about eight years ago I woke up one day
and felt totally free within, I though that this peace
couldn't possibly last but I can honestly say that from
that day til this, it has never left me. I have recently
finished my third book called "Journey To Freedom" which
among other things tells of that journey which we are all
called to. The book will be available in a couple of months

After Walsingham I returned to Ireland where I was invited
by the Franciscan's of the Renewal to Moyross, an area in
Limerick with a notorious reputation for gangs, where I shared
my story of how God had transformed my life from violence
and despair, to an incredible adventure in trusting him.
I was told that many of those listening are still involved
in that same lifestyle and I pray that God would touch their
lives with his grace.

Finally you are very much in my heart and prayers, please
remember me in yours.

God bless you in his deep love.
John Pridmore

Monday, July 5, 2010



Hello everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

The last few weeks have been quieter than usual and
as a community we had the chance to take an eight day
break in Croatia, where God really spoke to us in the
silence and there has been a lot healing and grace for
each one of us. We had the chance to visit Medugorje
where it is claimed that Our Lady has been appearing
since 1981 and many miracles occur especially conversions.

Our lady has always been important to me, I think she
helps us face the parts of ourselves we are afraid to
look at and guides by the hand especially when we don't
know the way. I remember I met one Priest who said he
thought he knew Jesus and then he met a beautiful lady
who showed him oceans of Jesus that he never knew existed.
That Lady was Mary. We also spent a few days by the coast
just relaxing and spending some time together as a community.

After coming back from there I went to Eastbourne with my
Mum, it was a blessed and eventful time and I thank God for
her prayers and witness to me.

Next I returned Ireland and have spent the last week
decorating the house inside and out. During the week
I went to do a talk at a prayer group in Westmeath.
Once again after speaking to the people I was
reminded of the terrible suffering that some people
have to endure in their lives as they shared with me
their struggles, but you could sense the presence of
God there and his compassion for his children.

I was reading a book recently by the great evangelist
John Wimber and he was talking about healing, he said
"It is my opinion that the best way to become whole is
to help others, we get well in helping others get well"
I really believe this is true, it is in giving that we
receive. It is incredible the grace of healing in
community at the moment in this time of rest (for most
of the year we are very busy running parish missions)
and the Lord is proving once again that he is never
outdone in generosity.

Next week I will be going to Dublin to talk in a prison
and after that I will be going to England to do a talk
in Bournemouth, please keep those in your prayers.

You are very much in my heart and in my prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

It was nice to get back to Downside Abbey to do a second
mission with Fr Michael Clothier. Fr Michael who is a
Benedictine monk has been a great friend for the last
twelve years and he had invited us to run a mission in
the parish of Midsomer Norton which has a wonderful
16th century church.

Downside abbey always has fond memories as I would often
stay there when I was giving talks in the local areas and
work pray and eat with monks. The Parish mission was a wonderful
gentle mission and you really felt the sense of the Holy
Spirit coming as we entered into Pentecost. One lady as she
was leaving the mission said that she had been to confession for
the first time in 40 years and she felt a joy like she was
a young girl again, which to me represents the innocence
God has created each one of us to have as we should be innocent
as little children.

It was also an amazing grace to be able to speak to so many
secondary school children. During the week I spoke to 2000
kids including to the whole school of Downside abbey and Prior
Park where Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor went to school and his
nephew is headmaster. While at Prior Park I met my old freind
Fr Malcolm who used to be chaplain at a category A prison in the
the Isle of Sheppey and he was now chaplain at Prior Park and I
told him it was nice to see him out of prison which made him laugh.

The greatest blessing for me was receiving a relic of my confirmation
saint St Thomas More who was a lion for Christ and during that week
I felt like I was walking in his footsteps speaking in both Catholic
and non Catholic schools and trying to bring the love of Christ to
each of the people we ministered to.

Leaving Downside abbey I flew to Rome to give some talks with my good
friend Magnus McFarlane Barrow who is the founder of Mary's meals. It
was a great blessing to spend time with Milona Von Hapsburg and Sylivia
who is the sister of the visionary Jelena. I felt a real closeness to
Our Lady and knew she was encouraging me to glorify her son at every
opportunity through my words and actions as the great Saints who roared
Christs glory at every opportunity with the fearlessness of a lions
heart and with the gentleness of the Holy Spirit the dove of God.

We then had a blessed mission at New Addington in Surrey where the people
had a hunger and an openness for God. Again God opened the doors so I
could speak to hundreds of young people in Croydon schools where one
headmaster really seemed to put Christ first in his school, he was a great
witness. He felt faith was the key to bring young people to a morality
and a hope in a run down environment.

We travelled then to East London and the Parish of St Ignatius in Stamford
Hill wher my good friend Fr Bernard Charles a Jesuit priest is based. The
mission was wonderful with over 30 different nationalities coming to worship
and open their hearts to God. It was great blessing to spend time with several
Jesuit priests and to see God working in their lives. During this mission I
flew to Ireland to give some talks at a novena in Dublin for Fr David a Sacred
Heart priest and on Sunday I was back in home parish of St Josephs in Leyton
East london to speak to a youth group and met some young people who seemed
to be the future lions of Christ ready to proclaim him at every opportunity
through their words and witness.

I pray that each one of us has hearts open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit
and that this be a new time of Pentecost where we can bring the fire of the
Holy Spirit to everyone we meet.

May God fill you with his deep love, you are very much in my heart and prayers.
John Pridmore

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

It has been a busy but very blessed month. I did
a Parish mission at Donegal town were the Parish
Priest is Fr Willie Peoples. In the current climate
where it can't be easy for priests he was a great
witness to me of what it means to be open to God
and to others. I just happened to be in Donegal
town about a year ago and met him by accident and
straight away he booked us to run a mission. The
thing that struck me about him was his joy and how
real he was with everyone he met, very much himself
in the best sense.

I was running a mission in Blanchardstown in Dublin
and woman came on the first night to hear me speak
with her husband and young son. She said that they
didn't normally go to Church but both her and her
husband had been deeply touched, her husband went
to confession for the first time since his first
Holy communion and she had received a lot of grace
at the healing service where she couldn't stop crying
because she felt so loved. At that parish there were people
from more than 40 different nationalities some with
a strong faith and others returning for the first time
in many years. Once again the Parish priest Fr Paddy
was a great host, full of love and always looking to

At that mission I spent a few days with my good friend
Padraig Keogh, It was Padraig that I first went on the
road with when I arrived in Ireland, he gave up his job
for six months to travel around with me speaking in schools
and parishes. Also there were Tom and Joan Reynolds who
over the years have given me great support, I often stayed
with them when I was in Dublin and it was like a home away
from home, good food and great company but most of all the
warmth of God's love. Just to round it off Paul and Yvonne
Rooney were there also, it was Paul who first invited
me over to Ireland to come and speak in schools and has been
a good friend ever since. I love the way God gives us true
friendships which last through the years.

I travelled down to Ennis in County Clare to do some talks
and while I was there I had the chance to play Golf for the
first time in ages, even though I didn't play brilliantly
it was fantastic to be outside and I really enjoyed the beauty
of nature and getting a bit of exercise.

I was staying near Newtownbutler for a couple of days and myself
and a couple of my friends went to Mass on a friday morning and
out of the blue the priest asked if I would come and speak at
his Masses that weekend. I did so and it was incredibly blessed.
I thought it was amazing how open and trusting it was for him to
want me to do that when I had only met him once before, seven years
previously. That weekend I met a Canon who said two of the masses
who was nearly ninety years of age, the minute I met him I knew he
was a truly Holy man, he oozed Gods love and compassion and it gave
me great hope of what is possible in someone who really tries to
live their life for God.

One thing that struck me hard during the last month is the amount
of tradgedies happening, I have come across several suicides and also
those who have attempted suicide. It once again strengthed in me
the conviction of just how important it is for young people especially
to understand that they are loved and cherished by God. We went into
one school in Athlone and the headmaster put all the boys together
(over 400 boys) with just a few minutes notice. It was a wonder to
see how hungry they were to hear the truth that their lives are
precious to God and he has a plan for them. Mother Teresa used to
say "Give young people the truth and at least they have the choice
to choose the truth" I thank God for that headmaster and his obvious
love and care for his students that he put that message of Gods love
as the most important lesson they could ever learn.

Later this week I will be off to England for a few weeks to take
part in Parish missions in Mid Somer Norton, New Addington and
Stamford Hill. Please keep those in your prayers and be assured
that you are in my prayers also.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

A couple of weeks ago I flew over to Paris to take part
In a conference where Jean Vanier the founder of the the
L’Arche community was speaking. He had read my book and
a member of his community had invited me over to speak
at the conference. It was the first time we met, yet it
was like meeting an old friend. I had lunch with him and
as we chatted I just thought what an inspiration to meet
someone who had lived Jesus all his life and was still living
him today.

He shared many stories of situations he had encountered.
He told me of one boy called Eric who stayed with them in the
community, Eric was blind, he couldn’t hear or speak and he was
confined to a wheelchair. But the worst of his suffering was
that he was filled with anxiety and no matter what they did
no one could seem to help him. One day they took him into the
chapel where there was adoration of Jesus in the Blessed
Sacrament. After a few minutes with Jesus, for the first time
since they had known him, he seemed completely at peace. Jesus
had been able to show him at the deepest part of his being that
he was beloved by God. This really touched my heart also because I
know in my life the greatest healing I have received is in
silence before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Whilst in France I received an email from a good friend of mine
who is a Carmelite Nun, She told me she felt St Therese of
Lisieux was interceding for my ministry and wanted to call down
the fire of the Holy Spirit upon all those I speak to. So I
started to invoke her in the prayer I say at the beginning of
each talk. It was great because when I returned to Ireland to
speak at a parish mission in Carrigaline who should be right
behind the ambo where I was speaking from but a statue of
St Therese. I’ve always loved her, she has a great sense of
humour and is an incredibly powerful intercessor, she is a
good friend in heaven.The mission was very blessed with many
people being touched by God’s love. It was a particular pleasure
to meet three great priests, Fr Bertie, Fr Aidan and Fr Charlie.

My good friend Br Martin from the Franciscans in Moyross is going
back to America to join the seminary to become a priest, please
pray for him because I think he will be a very powerful priest.
We had the chance to spend a few days together doing talks in
schools in Cork and Dingle, it was one miracle after another
and I just thank God for giving me friends like him. One email
I received from a girl we had spoken to said her faith had come
back alive and that she and her friends were crying during the
talk because God was touching their hearts. It is a real blessing
to receive so many emails from the schools particularly and it just
fuels me to want to carry on doing this work for as long as God
allows me.

As the years go by I see more and more that it is really true what
Jesus said that whatever we give up for the sake of his kingdom he
will reward us one hundredfold even in this life and I think one
of the greatest gifts we can receive is that of true friendship.
I’ve recently finished writing my third book, it is entitled
‘Journey to Freedom’ it will be available in a few months time,
it is all about the gift of freedom that Jesus leads us into.
A few years ago I had a heart attack and I think that it was only
after that I really began to embrace the gift of life that up until
then I had taken for granted.

I had the joy to speak at a Youth2000 retreat taking place near Dublin,
I was very impressed by the grace filled atmosphere at the retreat and
seeing so many young people being moved by God. The organisers James
Mahon and Anne Quinn did a fantastic job. Youth 2000 in Ireland is
going from strength to strength and it was good to meet up with the
youth2000 Ireland leader Paul Rooney and his wife Yvonne and spend a
bit of time with them. Yvonne lived with us in community as did
James Mahon and it is great to see them both so happy and fulfilled in
their lives and serving God so powerfully.

In Holy week I led a mission in Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone and then spent
Easter in the house at Carrick-on-Shannon with my mum and the rest of

Over the next couple of weeks I will be speaking at Parish missions in Donegal town and at Mountview in Blanchardstown near Dublin. You can find the details on the community website

You are in my heart and in my prayers, please pray for me.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and peace.

I've just returned from a tour of schools in England
where I had the chance to speak to over 5000 young people.

One thing I really enjoy is going back to schools where
I have spoken before and to meet the teachers and see
how they are getting on. A teacher told me that after
a talk I did a couple of years ago, they couldn't find
a particular student, he was known to be a bit of a
troublemaker and had a reputation of being the toughest
kid in the school. They searched everywhere for him and
eventually they found him kneeling down in the Chapel with
one of his mates praying the Rosary using one of the packs
we had given them.

I got an email from one young lad who I gave a book to in
a school, he said he had been struggling in school feeling
a bit lonely and left out by some of the other students who always
seemed more popular, but when he received the book (and he
was the only one that got one) he knew in his heart that
God was saying he was very special to him and never forgotten.
After this he went to confession and experienced God's deep
love for him. He is now going to Mass regularly. It just
reminded me how each one of us needs to feel that we are special
to God and when we do it changes everything for us.

It is such a blessing to see so many good teachers who are
willing to put great effort into getting the students together
for my talks. At one school a teacher brought every kid in the
school over to the local church for two separate talks because
the school simply didn't have a room big enough to take them
all. I'm sure this wasn't easy to arrange and probably didn't
make them very popular with some of the other staff. I have
great admiration for these people and it is a fantastic witness
to me of giving and not counting the cost to ourselves.

At another school, when we asked the headmaster if it would be
possible to put a few more students together, straight away he
went and rounded up students who were doing exams that week,
he knew this wouldn't go down well with some people, but he
said as far as he was concerned Faith was the most important
gift he could pass on to the children in his school. I thank
God for people like him and I believe their reward will be great
in heaven.

Mother Teresa used to say "give until it hurts" and I've witnessed
time and time again when people do that, it is then that God
works real miracles of his grace in and around those who are
prepared to put themselves out.

Some of the emails I have received from the young people I spoke
to have moved me deeply, your heart would go out to them when
you hear the situations some of them are dealing with, one young
lad had been smashed to bits by life and in the depths of this
darkness Jesus had come into his heart and was transforming all
his suffering into something beautiful. He felt a real peace
in his heart and the ability to love despite everything
that had happened to him. He now writes poetry and the poem he
sent to me brought tears to my eyes.

It was a joy to me to have my Godson Stuart with me for many of
the schools and prisons and I know that his testimony made deep a
impact on all who listened to him.

At one of my talks to a confirmation group in London I met a
friend of mine from the old days before I found God. He used
to be involved in football violence when I knew him and I was
amazed to discover that God had completely changed his life.
It was a real blessing for me discussing with him the
similarities of how God had worked in our lives and how God
seems to choose the most unlikely people to do his work.

This week I'm running a Parish mission at Annaduff in Co Leitrim,
Ireland and then I'll be travelling to Paris to speak at a
conference arranged by Jean Vannier the founder of the larch
community, I'm looking forward to meeting him as I've always
loved the work he does.

You are very much in my heart and prayers, please keep me in yours

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace

At the moment I am taking a bit of a break for a couple of weeks and
I am travelling through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, Costa Rico
and Panama. It is the first proper rest I have taken for a long time
and I must say I feel rejuvenated.

Whilst I was in Los Angeles I met up with my friend Paul Kelmenson who
is a film producer in Hollywood and he is still eager the turn my book
"From Gangland to Promised land" into a film.

On my travels I have met some very interesting people, I met one man
from the Falls road in Belfast, a place very dear to my heart where
I have done quite a few talks over the years. I gave him a copy of
my book and I hope he is enjoying it.

I was on a boat for a few days when I was in the region of Costa Rica
and the entertainment director got wind of my life story and he asked
me to do a talk to 200 people. I knew only God could arrange such a
thing and it was my pleasure to say yes to his invitation and to speak
to those people of the love and power of God in my life.

God's plan for us is so awesome and I think he loves to be part of our
lives whether we are on holiday or whatever we are doing. I have found
that if my heart is open and I want to serve him, he sends me
opportunities and that is where his miracles happen. It has been such
a blessing for me to see the different cultures and peoples of the
countries I have visited, not only on this trip but on all the trips
that I have made since following God's call for my life. Millions of
people over the centuries have heard that same call from Jesus to "Follow
me" and like the poem footprints says, he never abandons us on our
journey and the reason why there is only one set of footprints in the
difficult times is because it is then that he carries us.

I will be returning to Ireland for a couple of days at the beginning
of next week where I will speak at a Parish Mission in Swinford Co. Mayo
in the Catholic Church at 7.30pm in the evening on monday 22nd February
and also the following evening at 7.30pm.

After this I will be heading to England for a tour of schools with my
Godson Stuart who will also be sharing his story. I am looking forward
to this as We will be speaking to well over five thousand young people
in schools in Manchester, Liverpool, Worcestershire, Cambridgeshire,
Hertfordshire, Kent, London and surrey. I would really appreciate if
you would keep this tour in your prayers.

May God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

I have just finished a tour of schools around England.
It was an amazing time with loads of little miracles
along the way. I always pray asking God to guide me
in every aspect of the tours including where I stay.
Many times people ask me what I do, and sometimes I give
them my book "From Gangland to Promised Land" I often
receive emails from them saying how God has touched
them through the book.

This last couple of weeks I have spoken to thousands
of young people in schools in Macclesfield, Lancaster,
Warrington, Preston, Workington, Whitehaven and Barrow-
in-Furness. Many of these emailed me telling me how
God has shown them that he is real and that he loves
them. Also some of their parents emailed me saying
how when the children got home thay couldn't stop
talking about what I'd said to them.

I think the outpouring of grace that happens on these
tours is because there are so many people praying for
them. All the contemplative religious orders in the
British Isles as well as many faithful souls around
the world including Australia, New Zealand and USA.
I thank God for their prayers and their love.

I spoke in the prison in Rochdale and the prisoners
were so open to God's love and all of them wanted to
chat afterwards, you could see the hope in their eyes.
The prison guards told me that when they saw the
group that had come to the talk (it was voluntary
for them to come) they were worried that there
was something afoot because some of them were
the most troublesome inmates in the prison, but the
only person who had brought them there was God, for
a meeting with his merciful heart.

Recently I received two emails that brought great joy
to my heart. One man told me that I came to his school
six years ago when he was a teenager and at the time
my story meant nothing to him, but he came to a period
in his life when he went through a lot of difficulty
and the words I had spoken about God's love came back
to him, and now he has started to pray and read the
bible. Another man said I had spoken in his school
years ago also and he had purchased my book, but he
only read the first part because he was interested in
the gangster lifestyle but he never read the second
part where God came into my life. The years passed, he
got married and had children and he started searching
for a deeper meaning in his life. He found my book and
read the second half and God touched him in a profound
way with his love.

When I read these emails it just reminded me that all
we are called to is to be faithful to what God asks us
to do. He watches over all the seeds that are planted
and brings them to friution.

You are very much in my heart and in my prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello everyone
I hope you had a truly blessed Christmas and New year.

I had the grace to spend a lot of time with my mum during this period
and I thank God for the gift that she is to me. When I was a gangster
in the darkest period of my life, I never knew it but my mum used to
pray for me every day. Eventually she prayed a Novena to St Jude
(the patron Saint of hopeless cases) that Jesus would take me and
that I wouldn’t hurt myself or anyone else any more.

Soon after this, God stepped into my life in a powerful way and I ended
up going to a retreat at Aylesford priory in kent. I went to confession
and I had an incredible experience of Jesus when I received him in
Holy Communion that changed me forever, everything I had searched
for and had never found was with me in that moment, the one thing
that truly satisfies our wayward hearts, the love of God.

That took place eighteen years ago and just this week a friend of
mine called Michael was visiting from Australia, I stayed with him and
his family last year when I doing talks over there. I took him
to Aylesford to show him around, I brought him into one of the chapels
which I told him was one my favourites, it is the Chapel of
St Jude, and I became very emotional because I knew in a deep way that
it was his and my mum’s prayers that had led me to that place and to
Jesus, and I felt like he was saying to me that there is no such thing
as a hopeless case with God.

This week I have started a speaking tour in England, the first engagement
was at Westminster Cathedral hall. That evening the weather was truly
awful, there was a heavy snowfall all over London and the Southeast.
I was amazed to see so many people turn up in these conditions. I received
an email from one young man who told me he had been touched by God’s
love during the talk and particularly when I spoke about the fact that it
says in the bible three hundred and sixty six times “Do not be afraid” that’s
one for every day of the year even one for a leap year. He told me that he
made a decision in his heart at that moment to go ahead and make enquiries
about becoming a Priest (which he had been thinking about for some time
but kept putting it off) I will be keeping him in my prayers that God will
continue to bless and guide him.

That evening after the talk we travelled down to Brighton, even though the
roads were covered with deep snow, I really felt that God was asking me to
travel anyway. The school I was meant to be speaking at was closed because
of the weather but despite this I ended up meeting with Fr Graham Ricketts
and had a truly Blessed time with him and also Dominic Dring a teacher from
the school I had been due to speak in just happened to be at the Mass we had attended and I had a grace filled conversation with him also. After this I was filled a great joy because he showed me once again that his plans are so much
better than our plans if we can just be open to the guidance of his Holy Spirit.

Please keep this tour in your prayers I am due to speak to several thousand
Young people in schools across the country.

You are very much in my prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore