Thursday, October 19, 2017


I hope you are well and at peace, since my last update I have been to Germany twice, Malta ,England,Scotland and Donegal.
Many years ago I was asked to give some talks in Holland, at a youth retreat,The person in charge was very touched by my story
and said he had contacts all over Holland and was going to fill my dairy up with bookings,I thought this is great.
But with regards the youth retreat, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to challenge him as there was not much real soiled teaching on Christ.
So I was in a dilemma,I prayed to Jesus and felt him say who is your boss, him or me.After telling him that I thought the retreat needed,
more Sacrements and solid teaching for the young people, there was no more talk of my dairy being filled up.
When I got back to Ireland I was asked to speak at The World youth Day in Sydney, to half a million young people, and again I heard the
words, who is your boss him or me.
Many times in my life I have had the choice to serve people, or to serve God, I feel this is a massive problem in our spiritual walk.
When we do stand up for Jesus he is then able to stand up for us, and the more I have practiced putting God first ,the more my life has been 
Durring the summer I went to 3 shines of our blessed Mother Mary,in west and East Germany to speak at Gig Fest, these were like pop concerts which ended in prayer and I had the grace to share my story, a lot of the young people who attended would not have been church goers, so it was a great way
of trying to reach young people where they were at.
I also went to the youth 2000 festival in Munich where I gave 4 talks to over 1500 young people.
In Donegal I had the blessing of running a healing retreat with my old friend Fr Adrian Crowley for some 30 people.
After this I took my mum to Malta for what I thought would be a holiday, but my boss had different ideas and I ended up giving talks and being on 
TV, I enclose a link to a short film they made on me, with the main film to follow. 
In the months I will be in Ireland, Chicago, England and Scotland, so please keep me in your prayers.
Lastly in regards of pleasing God before people, let us ask our loving God to send his Holy Spirit, that we might always know, only one person
in this universe can say the words, COME IN GOOD AND FATEFUL SERVANT, Our true boss Jesus Christ.
You are in my heart and prayers.
God bless you in his deep love.
John Pridmore