Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hi Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace,

Recently I went to run a parish mission in a
place called Attymass in Co, Mayo which
was made famous by Fr Patrick Peyton who
was born and raised in the village. He was an
incredible man who left Ireland very young
and really discovered his vocation to the
priesthood in the United States. After a
miraculous healing from a life threatening
illness (through the intercession of the blessed
virgin Mary) whilst in seminary, he vowed to spend
the rest of his life spreading devotion to Our

After this he travelled the world and he especially
called people to family prayer (particularly the
rosary) His favourite saying was 'The family
that prays together stays together'. Sometimes
crowds of over a million would come to hear him
speak. While watching a video of his life it
reminded me how true it is that God doesn't choose
the qualified, he qualifies the chosen. Fr Peyton said
yes to God's plan for his life and he put his heart and
soul into living out that plan in his day to day existence.

Soon after this I felt God was trying to impress upon
me the urgency to reach people with the message of
Jesus and not to waste the time and opportunities he
has given me. In my own heart I recommitted myself
to this calling he has given to me that I would give it
my all.

As always when we say yes to God's plans in our hearts,
he then gives us the practical opportunities of putting
them into action. Lots of invitations to come and speak
began to arrive and I knew that God was working in
the way that only He can. I truly believe that the most
important aspect of this work is that people are praying
for those who are spoken to, because that is when the
miracles really happen. So I would ask for your prayers
for the coming months when I will be speaking in Poland,
Croatia, Texas, London, Cardiff, France, Chicago,
Slovenia, Spain and Manchester, as well as our parish
missions which will take place all over Ireland, Scotland
and England.

At the beginning of the new year I did a tour of schools
in England and spoke to about 2000 young people. Next
I spoke to 100 headmasters and headmistresses from
Catholic schools all over England on the feast of St John
Bosco (The patron saint of youth) who is one of my favourite
saints! The priest who spoke before me said during his
talk that the vocation of the teachers wasn't just to prepare
the students for employment, but to inspire them for
their true calling which is to love and serve God, to give
generously of themselves and to become people who
change this world for the better. Many of the head teachers
shared with me that they were very touched by the retreat
and they felt challenged in their own vocation.

You are very much in my heart and prayers

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore