Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace.

A few weeks ago I spoke at a novena taking place in Letterkenny
Cathedral. It was praying for the intercession of Venerable
Matt Talbot (his relics were present) for people struggling with
addictions and their families.  Matt Talbot was someone that
through the grace of God overcame an addiction to alcohol and lived
his life totally for God. He is dear to my heart because it was through
his intercession that I gave up smoking. Although I could now
do with his help to stop eating so much because since I stopped
smoking I’ve put on about 3 stone.

Over the course of 9 days different people gave their testimonies
about how with the help of God they have conquered their addiction
and it was heart warming for me to see how many people came to
pray for their loved ones. It is so important for us never to give up
praying because nothing is impossible for God and as I can witness
He can change even the most broken of lives.

Next we had a parish mission in Cloghan, Co Donegal and although
it was a small parish it was great to see how the people responded
and their love for God. Following this we went to Medugorje in
Bosnia for our Community retreat. It has been reported that Our Lady
has been appearing there for the last 32 years calling us back to God.

After I had arranged the trip to Medugorje I received an email from
friends I had made while speaking at the Christ Our Life conference
in Iowa, USA. These people had organised the conference and they
deeply impressed me with their dedication to the Lord, it was been
one of the most powerful events I had ever attended. They were
in Medugorje with a group and they asked me to speak to them all.

When the talk was finished a young man told me that he was going
to go to confession and get rid of everything and to completely
start again with God. I thought if the trip was all for him it was worth

As I was praying one day I really felt God impressing on me how
important it was to Him that I speak in secondary schools, and at
that point not many schools were planned before the summer. I had
arranged to go to several places for parish missions and various meetings.
Then amazingly through seemingly chance encounters doors were opened
and emails inviting me to speak in school started to arrive.

For example I was going to visit my old friend Fr Richard Aladics who
was celebrating 25 years of priesthood in York. He celebrated Mass
in the Bar Convent which is the oldest surviving Catholic Convent in
England and it was a pleasure to be there with him for that special
day. But out of the blue two schools invited me to come and speak to
their students in nearby Leeds

This same pattern emerged all over the country wherever I was staying.
God was arranging the talks the way that only He can. At the schools the
response from the young people was overwhelming with lots of tears and
many of them asking for a hug afterwards. This must be the Holy Spirit
because I can assure that in the days before I knew God no one would
come up to me and ask me for a hug!  

The emails that came in from those students were so moving with many of
them saying that they had experienced God for the first time and that they
wanted to open their lives to him. The whole thing just reminded me that
I have to trust in God and to follow His plans and if I am obedient to Him
His grace automatically follows.

Recently I commissioned a CD to be made and used at our missions, it
is called “This is the air I breathe” It has been made by Edwin Fawcett
and his sister Hermione Thomas who I first met years ago while I was
running retreats for youth 2000. Edwin would often do the music ministry
and his work is truly anointed. I believe the CD is very powerful and will
bring many people closer to God. If you are interested they will be
available on my website in about a months time.

Finally I would like to invite those who can attend to one of the
following venues where I will be speaking and where we will be praying
for the protection of the unborn child and that abortion will never
come into Ireland.

Each evening there will be a Mass of reparation as well as talks
and a time of prayer. Also attending are Fr Michael Ross, The Franciscan
friars of the renewal and various pro life groups.

Tuesday the 16th of July-  Letterkenny Cathedral,  Co. Donegal at 7:30pm

Wednesday the 17th of July-  Armagh,  St Malachy's Chapel at 7:30pm

Thursday the 18th of July-  Limerick - South Court Hotel at 7.30pm

Friday the 19th of July-  Dublin, Sean Mc Dermot Street Church at 7:00pm

Saturday the 20th of July-  Knock Shrine, Blessed Sacrament Chapel at 7.30pm

If you can attend one of these venues I would love to see you there, If you
can’t come please pray for us!

You are very much in my heart and prayers.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore