Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I hope you are well and had a blessed Easter.

After the 3 missions in Tampa Florida I travelled 
to Lafayette Louisiana, via Houston,Texas.
In Houston I had the grace of meeting up with 
some good friends, one of which was Steve 
Bollman. It was a wonderful grace to see Steve 
who started "That Man Is You" Mens prayer 
groups around the USA, among other great 
initiatives. He is someone who tries to put God 
first in his life and is a good friend,who helps
me grow spiritually and is not afraid to challenge 
me. Fr Andrew Apostoli, who was my Spiritual 
directer said there are 2 types of friends in life, 
a buddy who tells you everything you want to 
hear or a real friend who helps you grow closer 
to God.

In Lafayette, I gave a parish mission over 3 
days also speaking in some schools, it is a 
parish where they have Adoration of the 
Blessed Sacrament, and the Graces were 
amazing, with a full church each night, 
many people making great confessions,
and lots of deep spiritual and physical healing.

Then I went to England and gave a mission in 
Tonbridge, it was a second mission leading up 
to Easter, again with lots of wonderful Lenten 

On Palm Sunday I was in Chester giving a talk 
to young people for Bishop Mark Davis, This 
was another blessed day.

I spent Easter In Dubai, and was very touched 
by the workers faith, who can work up to 15 
hours a day, with one day off each month.
Yet the church there is packed with these 
people, worshiping Jesus, with 3 hour queue’s 
for confession. On Easter Sunday there must
have been over 20,000 people at Mass, in the 
Church and Church courtyard, what a 
wonderful witness of Faith.

Back in Ireland I gave a mission in Cork before 
traveling to Portugal for a personal retreat.

During this year of Divine Mercy I have seen so 
much more Grace for the world, As if Jesus is 
reaching down to each person and inviting 
us to have real freedom in his forgiveness, 
all we have to be is humble enough to see 
how broken and weak we are, that we 
cannot manage on our own, to see our 
smallness and allow our loving God to take 
us in his arms, and say I am with you, let me 
hold you and heal you, let me carry you, 
do not be afraid of making mistakes, do not 
be afraid of getting it wrong, Just keep trying 
and all you need I will give you, because you 
belong to me and you are part of my heart, 
you are fully loved by me.

How Blessed we are to have Christ in the 
Eucharist, Confession, the scriptures, Our 
Blessed Mother Mary, the Saints, the angels, 
all we need to get to our Eternal Goal, Heaven. 
How blessed we are to have Christ’s Church 
and our Holy Father Pope Francis.

Know you are very much in my heart and 
prayers, please pray for me as I will be giving 
missions and talks in Ireland, England, 
Hong Kong and Australia.

God bless you in his deep love.

John Pridmore