Thursday, August 11, 2016


I hope you are well and at peace. Since last I
spoke to you I have been in Australia for two
and a half months speaking to about 17,000
teenagers, giving 5 parish missions and a
number of talks in prisons, churches, hotels
and even banquet halls. My tour of Australia
took me to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Wagga, Albury and Griffin.

It was a very blessed time with lots of Miracles,
I had a number of people who came up to me
saying how they had heard me speak at World
Youth Day in Sydney in 2008. One lady who is
now a Nun said she heard me when she was
twelve and knew she was to become a Nun
and had been one for 2 years now. Another
man said he was not going to Mass when he
heard me and now goes every day, many people
said my talks at world youth day changed their
lives. This helped me to understand how Gods
Fruits are everlasting.

I think it is incredible how when God wants
something to happen he opens all the doors.
When Michael (a young man from Australia
Who spent 15 months with me in community)
approached me about running parish missions
in Australia I told him I would only come if he
could arrange 5 missions as it is a very long
way to travel for anything less. I was doubtful that
would happen as it is very difficult to organize
that many missions. But sure enough he got
the missions and countless other talks
snowballed from there. It is a very beautiful
thing to see the hand of God at work!

To speak to so many Teenage school children
was wonderful, many times speaking to 1200
young people at a time, with lots of Grace and
hearts being changed. I met some great
teachers who were only there for God and to
bring the young people closer to Jesus.

In this year of Mercy it was inspiring to see so
many people return to confession with lots of
priests saying how they heard  confessions
over 30,40,50 years in the parish missions.
The world needs Mercy and we have this
powerful grace in the Sacrament of
reconciliation where lives are truly healed and
transformed. One man emailed to tell how
after going to confession for the first time in
years, he went home and just began to weep
at the love and mercy he was experiencing.
He told how a great weight was lifted from
him and a massive healing took place in his

I had a lot of people praying for this tour
and thank you for all your prayers, You did not
see the Miracles I saw and the tears running
down peoples faces as their hearts were being
touched by the love of Jesus. But hopefully one
day you will see in Heaven as Gods everlasting
fruits are revealed.

Some years ago after Cardinal Cook had given
a talk to 5000 people and was receiving a standing
ovation. He said “Who is the real instrument of God?
Me, or the man praying the Rosary for this talk”

Thank you for all your prayers, and please pray I do
not get in Gods way.
You are very much in my heart and prayers.

John Pridmore