Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello Everyone

I hope you are well and at peace

At the moment I am taking a bit of a break for a couple of weeks and
I am travelling through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, Costa Rico
and Panama. It is the first proper rest I have taken for a long time
and I must say I feel rejuvenated.

Whilst I was in Los Angeles I met up with my friend Paul Kelmenson who
is a film producer in Hollywood and he is still eager the turn my book
"From Gangland to Promised land" into a film.

On my travels I have met some very interesting people, I met one man
from the Falls road in Belfast, a place very dear to my heart where
I have done quite a few talks over the years. I gave him a copy of
my book and I hope he is enjoying it.

I was on a boat for a few days when I was in the region of Costa Rica
and the entertainment director got wind of my life story and he asked
me to do a talk to 200 people. I knew only God could arrange such a
thing and it was my pleasure to say yes to his invitation and to speak
to those people of the love and power of God in my life.

God's plan for us is so awesome and I think he loves to be part of our
lives whether we are on holiday or whatever we are doing. I have found
that if my heart is open and I want to serve him, he sends me
opportunities and that is where his miracles happen. It has been such
a blessing for me to see the different cultures and peoples of the
countries I have visited, not only on this trip but on all the trips
that I have made since following God's call for my life. Millions of
people over the centuries have heard that same call from Jesus to "Follow
me" and like the poem footprints says, he never abandons us on our
journey and the reason why there is only one set of footprints in the
difficult times is because it is then that he carries us.

I will be returning to Ireland for a couple of days at the beginning
of next week where I will speak at a Parish Mission in Swinford Co. Mayo
in the Catholic Church at 7.30pm in the evening on monday 22nd February
and also the following evening at 7.30pm.

After this I will be heading to England for a tour of schools with my
Godson Stuart who will also be sharing his story. I am looking forward
to this as We will be speaking to well over five thousand young people
in schools in Manchester, Liverpool, Worcestershire, Cambridgeshire,
Hertfordshire, Kent, London and surrey. I would really appreciate if
you would keep this tour in your prayers.

May God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore