Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I hope you are well and at peace, 

Since my last update, I travelled to Stoke 
on Trent to do a parish mission with an 
old friend Fr Julian Green. He is a priest 
who tries to put Jesus first in his life.
It was a real blessing as he had consecrated 
whole mission to Mary and though Mary's 
prayers to Jesus. There was many miracles 
and Graces for all the people who attended.

Then I traveled to Douai Abbey in Berkshire 
to speak to young Catholic adults, with some 
of the young people there was a real openness 
to live their lives for Christ and not get sucked
into the world and what it offers. I often feel in 
our world today how many distractions we 
come across trying to stop us putting God first.
A line I hear is "I do not have time to pray" yet 
Jesus says cut off from him we can do nothing 
of any worth. There is aways that tendency to  
be very busy, doing things, but is it in Gods will? 
and if so, how much time do we spend
asking him to bless what we do in his name? 

A priest friend of mine, when he was given a new 
parish, decided to ask God in prayer what he 
wanted him to do. When he received light in his
prayer time he did what he felt God was inspiring
him to do and his new parish doubled in size.

Next I went to Littleborough in Lancashire to run 
a parish mission with Fr Arthur. The Mission was 
great and many people came back to confession. 
Fr Arthur was not in the best of health, yet he 
was trying to bring his people to Christ.
We got a wonderful letter from him after the 
mission saying how much wonder God had 
worked at the mission.

During that same week I flew to Hungary to speak 
to about 3000 people at a conference. It is always 
a Grace for me to see the faith around the world 
and what Jesus is doing. In Hungary despite years 
of communism, there seems to be such a wonderful 
group of faith filled people, Mother Teresa said that 
where there is persecution the faith is always strong. 
After the conference I was invited to speak at a 
school to 400 young people and a prayer group of 
some 300. The people who looked after me were 
great witnesses of Christ.

After this we ran a parish mission in Tipperary, Ireland.
It is always nice to come back to Ireland and again 
see the faith in the people be brought back to life by 
the power of his great love for us. At one mission in
Dublin a woman sent a message to tell me that when
she heard my testimony of God's mercy and grace in
my life it quite literally saved her life because she had
decided to commit suicide (she had experienced 
huge difficulties and suffering especially with her 
children) she hadn't been to Church in years and she
said she didn't even know how she ended up in the 
church that night, but God's love touched her life in 
a deep way Jesus brought her healing and new hope. 
I truly believe that these kind of miracles can only 
happen when people are praying. So for that reason 
I ask for your continued prayers for my work.

I pray that each one of us will completely surrender 
to God's will and be apart of all the Miracles he 
created us for, and that we may all bring many souls 
to his love.

You are in my heart and prayers, 
May God bless you in his deep love.

John Pridmore