Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello everyone

As we journey towards Easter during this time
of Lent, having given missions and talks in
Manchester, Greenock, Glasgow, Spain,
Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Ashbourne. I have
been reflecting on how much God gives us
through his friendship, forgiveness and
personal understanding of us. When I was
in Spain during a close examination of
my conscience I understood that Jesus
knows every part of me, my desires, my
aspirations, fears, longings, brokeness and
he had a total acceptance and deep, deep love
which was overwhelming (like the joy a
father has at their new born baby) This
helped me to understand how close God
was to me.

In the second world war, there was a
poster which said "Ask not what your
country can do for you, but ask what
you can do for your country" When we
see what God has done for us, What is
our response? As Jesus said of St Mary
Magdalene "Those who are forgiven
much will love much" and is our
response bringing a joy to God's heart.
Sometimes we think that what matters
to God is loving others but what I feel
God also wants, is for us to love and accept
ourselves. Many people seem to feel
that they fail in loving their neighbour
as they should, but they do not seem
to notice that they fail to love
themselves. I believe this all starts with

Some years ago I met a girl who had
terrible scars on her neck and lower
face from being burnt. She used to
cover half her face with a scarf. After
going to Lourdes she never covered
her face again. She was able to accept
herself. She felt that by letting people
see her face it would remind them of
how beautiful we are to God and how
he sees us completely, inside and out.

When I was at Mass the Gospel spoke
to me very powerfully when Jesus
said "I am the resurrection and the life"
I think that each day and each moment
of the day is Jesus bringing us life
through that same resurrection and this
is our joy, our fulfilment, our hope and
our reality, moment by moment. A
little glimpse of heaven on earth. When
we give a free response to his love and
a total abandonment to his will for us
we will receive more happiness and
joy that we deserve or could ever

As we prepare ourselves for Holy Week
and the passion which brings us to that
resurrection, maybe we need to take
some quiet time out of our busy lives
and honestly look at our response to
God's all giving, all consuming
unconditional love for us.

Please pray for my up and coming talks
and missions in London, Ireland, Croatia,
Wales and Germany. May each and every
one of you have a blessed Easter.

God bless you in his deep love
John Pridmore

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