Sunday, December 24, 2017


Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas


 a wonderful New Year.
Since my last update I have given 5 parish

 missions and a number of talks,
in Ashford and Athlone in Ireland,

 in Petersbough, Hoddington, Brentwood 

and St Helens England,
as well as speaking to over 6000 young 

people in schools, 

and running  a school retreat.

Sometimes I am too lazy or selfish,

 to really put myself out for 

Christ and his will.
I often think of the words of 

Saint Mother Teresa, 

"Give until it hurts” 

and we will receive great joy when

 we do this.
The greatest healing, 

freedom, Peace and Happiness

 I have received,

 has all come though giving.
I meet lots of people who want to be

 happy in life, or feel they need healing, 

and when they start to give and help others,
they are happy, at peace and healed.

 Jesus tells us it is though giving

 that we receive and the more we give, 

the more he can bless our lives.
At this time of Christmas Jesus shows

 us the gift of giving. As he gives 

himself as a helpless baby, 

he holds nothing back, it is just total 
self giving for the salvation of the world. 

As we know, our world at 

this moment needs so much saving.

 In Ireland where 

I live they want to change the constitution

 so that they can kill unborn children,

 Mother Teresa always fought for life.

And St John Paul 2nd said 

a country that kills

 its children, lose God.
The pain and darkness I see in 
the different parts of the world as 

I travel is overwhelming at times, 

but Gods love and light are always more.
Where there is sin, 

Grace abounds a 1000 times more.
I feel that this is the time for us to say


We are people of light and people of Christ. 

As I walked out of the Holocaust 

museum in
Jerusalem, I read , The only thing evil 

needs to succeed is a few good

 people to stay silent.
The silence in our world today is 


We need to say “Enough!" 

and start working for 

Christ and his Holy church, 

not just by giving, but by giving till it hurts.
Each one of us is born for 

heroic virtue, and so as we

 wait to receive Jesus this Christmas, 

the one who gives us everything, all he has,

 his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity,

 Let us in return say, I give you my life,

 I give you everything, 

USE ME AS YOU WILL, for your Glory.
I will not remain silent,

 I will speak up for you my God.

May each of us open our Hearts

 to all the Graces and Blessings our 

wonderful God wants to give us at 

Christmas time.
We should never be afraid,

 as we are assured that 

God's Mercy is always bigger than

 our weakness.
Know you are in my heart and prayers.
Please pray for me over the 

next months, as I will be

 giving talks and missions

 in New York, Phoenix, 

Tampa, Austin, Houston, 

L.os Angeles., Baltimore, 

Alabama, Glasgow and Belfast.
Merry Christmas and may 

God bless you in his deepest love.
John Pridmore

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